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Two free training seminars held for Sydney plumbers

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Plumbers in Sydney no longer have an excuse to be wallies with water due to free training being provided by the Master Plumbers’ and Mechanical Services Association of Australia (MPMSAA).

Two GreenPlumbers training seminars, entitled Solar Hot Water and Caring for our Water, are being held at the 2007 DesignBuild Australasia Exhibition, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, on Monday 4 June and 6 June, respectively.

The seminar will deliver technical and practical information to enhance plumbers’ skills and knowledge about the environmental aspects of their work from water conservation and greenhouse gas emissions to energy efficiency and energy costs.

Supported by local governments, industry partners and the NSW Government’s Water Savings Fund, the seminar is part of 19 free-of-charge training seminars this year being conducted by the MPMSAA to provide plumbers with green accreditation.

During the four-year contract period MPMSAA will train over 1000 plumbers in energy and water saving GreenPlumber workshops.

The project received $263,000 in the first round of the Water Savings Fund because of its potential to save millions of litres of water.

The GreenPlumbers initiative was developed in 2001 by the Master Plumbers’ and Mechanical Services Association of Australia (MPMSAA) in response to the growing environmental concerns of water sustainability, energy emissions and climate change.

In seven years GreenPlumbers has grown from an ideal to a national program, and has so far saved Australia more than 1800 million litres of water, equivalent to 2800 Olympic-sized swimming pools and millions of dollars in energy savings.

According to Ray Herbert, Executive Director MPMSAA, the success of the GreenPlumbers training and accreditation seminars has highlighted the need for environmentally aware plumbers in the Australian market, and this need has been filled by GreenPlumbers.

“Over 4800 plumbers across six states have been trained as GreenPlumbers. These new generation plumbers represent more than 2800 businesses and that number is expected to exceed 5000 this year.”

“The growth in environmental plumbing is expected to provide up to 70% of water and energy savings in existing and new domestic and commercial buildings.

“As the local community becomes more environmentally conscious, particularly as Sydney faces serious impacts from climate change, and as technology advances to deliver sustainable solutions, plumbers must adapt to build their knowledge and skills base to meet the needs of their customers.”

“The GreenPlumbers training sessions allow for qualified plumbers to enhance their offering to their customers and to ‘do their bit’ for a green future for Australia,” Ray concluded.

The Sydney GreenPlumbers training seminar schedule will commence in mid-March and will continue through to mid-November across the city.

More details are available with Rowland Pinder .

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