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Adhesives and bonds from Rowe trading

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Rowe trading  specialises in supply of foils, adhesives and moulding products. Rowe trading was established in 1977 as a supplier of adhesives and leathers to South Australian footwear industries. Rowe trading is also a distributor of speciality adhesives, industrial adhesives, casting, printing supplies and moulding compounds.

Rowe trading offers an extensive range of products which includes Renew, Permabond, Bondmaster, Smooth-on, Kurz, Henkel, Chemical Technology, National Starch and Chemical, Fuse FX, Printer Labels and Slitting. Renew range of products are developed for custom fabrication ideal for orthotic devices and prosthetic elements. Renew range consists of urethane rubbers, silicone rubbers, castable forms and liquid plastics etc.

Permabond from Rowe trading provides specialty adhesives and compounds suitable for various applications. Permabond consists of anerobics including gasketing, thread sealing and locking compounds, Cyanoacrylates like super glues, ultra violet care adhesives, two parts of epoxies and structural acrylics.

Rowe trading offers Bondmaster which includes single part of heat cure epoxies, two parts of epoxies, single part of ultra violet curable adhesives and two parts of structural acrylics.

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