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SM-6000 rotary actuators available from Rotork Australia

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The SM-6000 series are rotary actuators that have been internally geared to produce up to 35,251 Nm of torque at continuous modulating duty. Process control applications needing exact positioning control, high torque and high speed such as dampers, vanes and valves are suitable for the SM-6000.  

The SM-6000 is able to operate in a range of extreme temperatures up to 113 degrees with optional equipment.  

Models in the SM-6000 series feature internally mounted digital amplifiers, programmable via a keypad and vacuum fluorescent display affixed to the actuator unit’s front panelling.  

SM-6000 models are suitable for a range of applications including cyclone boilers, hot air dampers, burner tilts, windbox dampers, flue gas recirculation dampers, secondary air dampers, tempering air dampers, booster fan dampers, FD and ID inlet vane dampers.  

A range of options exist, such as potentiometer feedback, pilot lights, switches and relays, mechanical position stop plates, additional position limit switches, drive arm, adaptor/clevis ket, driven arm and linkage components, power failure operation and faster speeds.

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