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Intelligent valve actuators extended

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article image Includes a configurable, multilingual text capability.

ROTORK'S intelligent electric valve actuator - the market leader since its first introduction in 1993 and now in its second generation - has been further improved with the introduction of the IQ Pro.

IQ Pro adds new, more comprehensive text displays, improved performance monitoring, data logging with valve torque signature profiles and faster data download speed to existing and proven IQ ‘non-intrusive’ features that are already recognised as industry standard.

A new hand-held setting tool has been introduced, featuring bi-directional, non-intrusive infrared communication.

The new IQ Pro setting tool, which is intrinsically safe for use in hazardous areas, facilitates on-site actuator configuration with or without mains power connected.

Bidirectional communication enables configuration data to be retrieved and retransmitted to other actuators, saving immense amounts of time when many valves require near-identical commissioning.

Actuator data logger files can be downloaded and transported from plant to office for storage and analysis on a PC running Rotork's free IQ-Insight software.

The new IP Pro setting tool has a capacity for ten configurations and four data logger files and is compatible with all IQ and IQT actuators supplied since 2000.

All IQ Pro actuators feature a larger, clearer and more comprehensive display, with a customer configurable, multilingual text capability.

The illuminated window displays’ setting prompts and confirms setting data, local and remote control status and additional data including torque against valve position profiles.

The new technology will provide a data download speed that is ten times faster than before and - like the IQ Pro setting tool - can be retrofitted to existing IQ and IQT actuators supplied since 2000.

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