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Gearboxes for aggressive service environments from Rotork Australia

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Rotork Australia’s proven range of IB – Bevel & IS - Spur gearboxes, are now available to suit aggressive environment service including: Buried, Submersible, Marinised and Raw Sewage duty. To achieve these ratings the specifications include: stainless steel fasteners, stainless steel input shaft, two-pack polyamide epoxy surface coatings and an IP68 enclosure rating.

Other gearboxes with lesser specifications can fail in these highly corrosive environments, causing additional cost and downtime for the end user. Rotork Gearboxes are a proven product and use careful material selections and design features to provide trouble free service in critical & hostile service applications.

The IB & IS gearboxes are typically used with Gate, Knife gate, Sluice gates, Penstock and Globe valves. Gearboxes are used to reduce the effort required to open and close valves manually and mitigate the Occupational Health & Safety issues associated with the high effort required by a single person operating large valves with high torques.

Rotork gearboxes are available in 19 models with various torques, thrusts and ISO 5211 flange interfaces for easy mounting to a wide range of valves. They can also accommodate the high thrust required for rising stem applications. They can operate in any position.

They are available with a wide range of ratios by means of additional spur input reduction attachment to suit most valve applications. The unique option of twin inputs shaft creating a high ratio to break open the valve and low ratio for the travel to reduce the number of turns.

Another feature of the design is a splined “knock out” drive sleeve, that can be removed for machining the stem thread, without needing the gearbox to be split. This has the benefit of time saving during fitting, without contamination of the sealed gearbox lubricant. 

Rotork Australia can supply a range of modular accessories to suit the gearboxes including: Hand Wheels, Chain Wheels, Stem covers, Locking devices, torque limiting input devices, pedestal, stem extensions and various position indicators. The IB & IS range has the future advantage of being suitable for motorization at a later date if required.

Rotork Australia can provide professional application sizing & selection assistance and after sales product support, through its network of factory trained staff throughout Australia & New Zealand.

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