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Sentinel KL heavy duty 12-metre boom gate from Rotech Group

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article image Sentinel KL heavy duty 12-metre boom gate

Rotech Group Pty Ltd  presents a heavy duty range of boom gates designed to span openings of up to 12 metres.

Ideal for companies operating large vehicles or with large rail sidings, the Sentinel KL heavy duty boom gates help restrict access through large openings. Most conventional boom gates have a maximum capacity of six metres.

The automated boom gates have an opening time of 12 seconds, which is much faster than a sliding gate and allows quicker vehicle throughput. The industrial grade boom gate cabinet is made with a steel electroplated inner frame with bolt-on aluminium covers. Offering a 100% duty cycle, the boom gate weighs 547kg to suit any heavy duty environment.

Sentinel KL heavy duty boom gates can be programmed to suit any operating parameters with the sophisticated control panel. The fully programmable control panel has facilities for up to three loop detectors, directional vehicle counting, traffic lights, and boom pole missing alarm.

Key features of Sentinel KL heavy duty boom gates:

  • Boom arm fitted with 200mm diameter flashing lights visible from long distances even in daylight
  • Can be remotely controlled by computerised access control systems using the TCP/IP or RS485 protocol
  • Electronic safety edge fitted to the boom pole reverses the boom pole if obstructed
  • Ground loop detectors and PE safety beams can sense when a vehicle or pedestrian is underneath the boom pole and prevent closing
  • Flashing safety lights or sirens can be activated when the boom gate controller receives a signal to close
  • Boom pole closes after a variable time delay
Rotech’s range of door + gate automation products:

  • Swing gate operators
  • Sliding gate operators
  • Industrial turnstiles
  • Industrial door operators
  • Boom gates
  • Supermarket gates
  • Stadium turnstiles
  • Access control

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