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Winning technology to boost CNC machining

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RECENTLY released GibbsCAM 2002 software includes the multi-task machining module (MTM) that won the ‘Best New Technology Award’ presented by Manufacturers Monthly at last year’s Austech exhibition.

Ron Clayton, managing director of Rotec , the South Australian-based authorised Gibbs reseller, says GibbsCAM MTM supports CNC programming for the entire range of MTM CNC machine tools, starting with the simplest single turret with a sub-spindle configuration. Spindles can be fixed, moving or Swiss-style.

“Ancillary devices, such as bar feeders, programmable tailstocks, and part catchers are easily controlled. Single spindle/multiple turret and multiple spindle/multiple turret machine tool configurations are also supported,” Clayton told Manufacturers Monthly.

“With this class of machine, multiple turrets can operate at the same time on one or more spindles in unison or separately and creating new levels of synchronisation complexity. Any number of turrets and spindles is supported,” Clayton says.

The MTM option is integrated into milling, turning, and mill/turn capabilities in one application, allowing seamless access to all of GibbsCAM’s functionality. Clayton says the intuitive graphical user interface, dynamic style of interaction and process orientation are suitable for supporting MTM functionality and complex processes.

“Using the Sync Manager, users can visualise and adjust processes to maximise utilisation of the more complex CNC machines. The resulting CNC programs make efficient use of the machine tool’s full capabilities,” Clayton says.

GibbsCAM’s capabilities have been expanded with several new feature enhancements for users of production milling and turning functions as well as the new Wire-EDM module.

According to Clayton, the integrated cut part rendering functionality used to visually preview machining processes can support CAM model probing. Geometric information about the model, such as 3D cursor location on faces, and various measurements such as wall thickness, can be inquired from the Cut Part Rendering at any stage allowing the user to gain additional information to better evaluate the machining process. Viewing controls have been enhanced to provide expanded capability such as image panning and rotation.

The software has the ability to read and machine data in a variety of formats including, Parasolid, DXF, Iges, DWG, ACIS, VDA-FS (ACIS and VDA-FS are optional) as well as native SolidWorks, Solid Edge and CATIA v4 (CATIA is optional) formats. Support for reading STEP AP203 and AP214 data files are now available through optional third party developed plug-ins.

Clayton says the new Wire-EDM module further extends GibbsCAM’s capabilities to respond to the needs of mould, tool and die shops. 2-axis, 2-axis tapered and 4-axis parts can be programmed to cut one at a time or in multiples. The Wire-EDM includes an extensive set of post processors for a wide selection of common Wire-EDM machines.

According to Clayton, the new release introduces PostHASTE for GibbsCAM, a generic post processor capable of supporting 3-axis milling and 2-axis turning. It will allow users to develop their own machine post processors and includes approximately 100 mill and 25 turning templates.

The Virtual Gibbs integrated off-line CAM system and the Gibbs SFP shop floor programming CAM system available on most open CNC machine controls are fully compatible. High-level process models can be bi-directionally exchanged between the shop floor and manufacturing engineering allowing the capture of shop-proven processes for standardisation.

“A new machine simulation option, which is to be released later this year, identifies potential part/tooling/machine interferences in complex MTM programs. It catches and corrects errors before being run on a machine tool which become expensive collisions,” Clayton says. “Machine simulation can also be used to identify potential multi-task optimisations and validate machine set-ups.”

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