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Safety in Action 2013: Rotacaster introduces new crate truck with unique multidirectional wheels [VIDEO]
19.08.2013 - Rotacaster introduces a new self supporting hand truck designed for the safe and efficient handling of crates and other heavy loads.
Rotacaster introduces light, compact and strong hand trucks
18.10.2012 - Rotacaster Wheel Limited has developed a new range of hand trucks based on feedback from users and clients.
Rotatruck Rota-Skate multi-directional load skates from Rotacaster Wheel
03.08.2011 - The Rotatruck Rota-Skate is a multi-directional load skate with better tracking, rotational and omnidirectional control, and optimal robustness and durability.
Multi directional conveyors & Rotacastor Omni wheels
01.10.2010 - Omni wheels by Rotacastor Wheel Limited provide a high impact, low maintenance solution for multi directional conveyors, transfer tables and ball transfer units.
Rotacaster dollies and multi-skates
30.09.2010 - Rota-dollie dollies require less effort to balance a load during turning and rotation. As such, they help reduce the risk of overturning a load or sustaining strain injuries.
Rotacaster Omni wheels
29.09.2010 - Omni wheels from Rotacaster Wheel Limited are available in two sizes, a 125mm diameter wheel and a 48mm diameter wheel.
Rotatruck Hand Trolleys and Multi-Directional Wheels Nominated for Manufacturing Awards
29.09.2010 - Rotacaster Wheel Limited has been named as a finalist in the 2010 Hunter Manufacturing Awards for their Rotatruck hand trolleys and patented multi-directional wheels.
Rotatruck hand trolley nominated for 2010 NSCA Safety Awards of Excellence
30.08.2010 - Rotacaster Wheel Limited has been named as a finalist in the 2010 NSCA/GIO Workers Compensation National Safety Awards of Excellence for their Rotatruck hand trolley.
Rotacaster Wheel releases component stair climbing hand trolley
29.07.2010 - The new Rotatruck Aluminium Stair Climbing Hand Trolley combines the 360 degree manoeuvrability of Rotacaster Wheel's patented omni-wheels with a lightweight, aluminium trolley frame.
Rotacaster Wheel Limited launch online store
07.06.2010 - Rotacaster Wheel Limited has opened an online store, where customers can view information on and purchase products from Rotacaster's range.
Rotacaster Wheel Limited announces US distributor of omni-wheels and hand trolleys
22.04.2010 - Rotacaster Wheel Limited recently announced the expansion of their operations into the international market.
Rotacaster Products to be showcased at Melbourne Materials Handling Show 2010
10.03.2010 - Rotacaster Wheel Limited will be showcasing their multi-directional wheels as well as the ergonomic range of Rotatruck trolleys and hand trucks in Melbourne from April 20-22, 2010.
Rotacaster hand trolley nominated for national health and safety award
23.02.2010 - The Rotatruck Self Supporting hand trolley by Rotacaster Wheel Limited has recently been announced as a finalist in the 2010 National Safe Work Awards to be held in Canberra on 28 April, 2010.
Rotacaster Wheel Limited launches new multi-directional conveyor wheel to compliment existing range
17.02.2010 - Rotacaster Wheel Limited has launched a 48mm diameter multi-directional wheel, specifically designed for use in conveyor transfer and inverted applications.
Rotacaster wins WorkCover Safe Work Innovation award
02.11.2009 - Local manufacturing company Rotacaster has won a 2009 NSW WorkCover Safe Work Award for a self-supporting hand trolley invented for use in a range of different industries.
Rotatruck Self Supporting Hand Truck by Rotacaster showcased at clubs New South Wales Conference.
29.09.2009 - The Ergonomic Rotatruck self supporting hand truck by Rotacaster Wheel Limited will be showcased at the 2009 Clubs New South Wales Conference October 10th – 11th.
Ergonomic Rotatruck Self Supporting Hand Truck Nominated for annual NSW Safe Work Award
28.09.2009 - The Rotatruck self supporting hand truck by Rotacaster Wheel Ltd has been nominated for the 2009 NSW Work Cover Safe Work Award.
The stair climber hand truck available from Rotacaster
23.07.2009 - Available from Rotacaster, the stair climber hand truck has been specifically developed to reduce the risks related to moving heavy objects up or down stairs.
Rota-skate with multi directional wheels by Rotacaster
21.07.2009 - Rotacaster introduce the Rota-skate, a versatile solution for undercarriages, pipe rolling and as a turntable base featuring multi directional wheels.
Rotacaster Materials Handling Equipment Now Available From Trade Smart Industrial Group
07.07.2009 - Rotacaster Wheel Limited continues to grow the distribution of their materials handling equipment and multidirectional wheels by joining the Trade Smart Industrial group.
Material Handling Equipment - Rotacaster multidirectional wheels
30.06.2009 - Material Handling Equipment videos from Rotacaster Wheel limited are now available on the Rotacaster YouTube channel.
Rotacaster Wheel Limited launch Rotatruck material handling equipment at Auckland Safety and Materials Handling Show
24.06.2009 - Rotatruck material handling equipment, from Rotacaster Wheel Limited, is specifically designed to reduce the risk of strain injuries associated with the handling of heavy or awkward loads.
Rotacaster Wheel Limited gets a virtual makeover as multidirectional wheel comes to life
29.04.2009 - Rotacaster Wheel Limited, creators of the Rotacaster multidirectional wheel, have launched a new website, designed with feature rich content in hopes of providing a better, more efficient online exper
Rotacaster Wheel Limited display Rotatruck hand truck at ProMat show
13.01.2009 - Rotacaster Wheel Limited will showcase Rotatruck, the new self supporting hand truck at the 2009 ProMat show.
Hand trucks made safer by Rotacaster wheels
08.12.2008 - Andrew Mathers Removals have added a range of products from Rotacaster Wheel Limited earlier this year, including self supporting hand trucks and stair climbing trolleys.
Brad Jones Racing use Rotacaster wheels for fuel transfer vehicles
04.12.2008 - Rotacaster Wheel Limited have helped Brad Jones Racing to get the fuel transfer vehicle into operation with minimum fuss and achieve fast, safe and easy manoeuvrability. Brad Jones Racing have won 10 national titles in five categories. In over 17 yea
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