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Rotacaster introduces light, compact and strong hand trucks

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Rotacaster Wheel Limited  has developed a new range of hand trucks based on feedback from users and clients.

With research indicating the need for a compact, lightweight and robust unit to carry loads of up to 150kg, Rotacaster developed the new aluminium Rotatruck-Lite, which weighs in at 9kg with the magnesium toe.

Rotacaster MD Peter McKinnon compares the new Lite series with the award-winning full-size Rotatruck as it also offers easier, quicker and safer performance over traditional hand trucks.

  • Easier, because the Rotatruck carries the load on its patented self-supporting, multi-directional wheel base
  • Quicker, because the loaded Rotatruck is faster across terrains and obstructions, and nimble in confined spaces
  • Safer, because using the Rotatruck requires less effort and encourages ergonomically correct use
The ergonomic benefits of Rotatruck-Lite hand trucks are significant for users with pre-existing conditions as well as for people not skilled in the use of hand trucks and manual materials handling systems.

Rotatruck-Lite hand trucks are suitable for use in diverse applications at various job sites, thanks to their stable wheel base. Heavy lifting aside, its ability to navigate confined spaces is a great advantage. For instance, tilers can serve their supplies directly from the Rotatruck-Lite while laying floors. Similarly, the compact lightweight size makes it easy for small van couriers to store and deploy.

According to McKinnon, their research study also identified a fast growing group of home users including retirees and those with weaker mobility or strength. The self-supporting wheelbase of the Rotatruck-Lite hand trucks is rugged enough to access most places around the home, while the non-marking wheels are safe to bring into the house.

Rotatruck-Lite hand trucks are also ideal for office and retail users who may not have the expertise to handle many of the common manual handling tasks around the workplace, exposing themselves to ergonomic risks. The Rotatruck’s unique multi-directional self-supporting wheel base can deliver ergonomic safety improvements while still handling significant loads.

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