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Rotacaster Wheel Limited display Rotatruck hand truck at ProMat show

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Rotacaster Wheel Limited  will showcase Rotatruck, the new self supporting hand truck at the 2009 ProMat show.

Rotatruck hand truck reduces the risk of strain injuries and the workload of operators.

The Rotatruck hand truck supports the load without compromising directional control or load stability, removing the need to balance or carry any weight.

The use of a wheel base of four fixed multi-directional rotacasters allow the load to be pivoted and levered up a kerb from a forward approach, with less effort and a safer ergonomic posture. The rotacasters also provide better tracking capability across inclines.

Benefits of the Rotatruck:

  • Better Control and Load Stability
  • Improved Safety
  • Greater Productivity

Other benefits of the Rotatruck hand truck include:

Minimal pull back effort to change from upright to the transporting position; Multi-directional manoeuvrability in confined spaces such as storerooms and lifts; the ability to complete the loading process in the transporting position; Hands free to open doors without parking or balancing the load.

The Rotatruck hand truck features an industrial steel frame and a load capacity of 220kg. 

The multi-directional wheel manufactured by Rotacaster are designed for floor use as an alternative to swivel casters.

Rotacaster have a line of material handling products such as the stair climbing hand truck, dollies, and multi skates and advise on custom mounting solutions to suit individual transport needs and environments.

The rotacaster wheel is also used in conveyor transfers and other inverted applications.

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