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Material Handling Equipment - Rotacaster multidirectional wheels

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Material Handling Equipment videos from Rotacaster Wheel limited are now available on the Rotacaster YouTube channel.  The new Rotacaster channel features several videos which demonstrate the Rotatruck line of material handling equipment as well as various multidirectional wheel custom applications.

Current material handling equipment videos show Rotacaster’s inventor Graham Guile moving one metric tonne on a pallet with six triple Rotacaster multidirectional wheels.  Other videos illustrate the unique ability of the omniwheel to move directly sideways or rotate on the spot no matter what they are mounted on. 

Rotacaster multidirectional wheels reduce the risk of strain injuries, while at the same time improving productivity when mounted on material handling equipment such as hand trucks, stair climbers, hand carts, dollies and trolleys.  Rotacaster multidirectional wheels are the only multidirectional wheel or omniwheel designed specifically for use as a floor wheel making them the only true alternative to swivel castors.

Rotacaster multidirectional wheels are corrosion resistant and are made from engineering polymer making them extremely robust and durable.  Rotacaster multidirectional wheels are currently used around the world in conveyor applications, material handling equipment and other custom applications.

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