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Rossi Boots releases Rossi Boots High- leg safety series

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The Rossi Boots High- leg safety series, from Rossi Boots has been developed to combine the technological content of the Rossi motorcycle collection which offers protection with concealed shin, ankle, metatarsal and toe protection a structure that limits dangerous impact to the entire foot.

The efficiency of this combination has been demonstrated by the boot's performance during both testing and actual wearing.

This expertise has now been even further improved in terms of ergonomic comfort, and introduced to the Rossi Boots safety collection.

In 2007 the Rossi Boots High leg vaunts the tried-and-tested internal protection structure expressly the safety steel toe linked to the ankle / metatarsal protection system which limits impact too the ankle and foot reducing consequent trauma to the wearer, while also enveloping the foot and the ankle for protection against impact, which is efficiently absorbed through even distribution around the entire structure.

The safety toe cap area has been developed to provide effective impact protection.

The upper construction is supplied in a variety of finishes in full grain leathers ensuring a good fit and makes the boot easier to wear all day.

Breathable full grain cowhide offers ideal abrasion resistance while the composite Vtex moisture wicking lining, ensuring the breath ability of these boots.

Improving the ergonomic efficiency is the inclusion of the padded bellows tongue and an external flex collar structure in the rear of the leg which improves the boot's ergonomic efficiency, increase comfort, and promote good support of the foot.

The polyurethane insole which holds under pressure provides an instant comfort feel and absorbs heel strike pressure.

The original Enigma design sole has been developed under the direction by Rossi Boots with the importance on quality control being achieved by directly moulding in our Adelaide factory.

The double density TPU /PU = [ Thermo urethane & Polyurethane ] optimises grip comfort and durability, as well as giving the boot a highly technical look, the ladder grip increase wear ability and enable improved holding of the foot.

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