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Rosenberg Supplies Axial Fans for Every Condenser/ Chiller Application

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Rosenberg Australia Pty Ltd  supplies their high-performance axial fans to meet a diverse range of applications in condensers and chillers.  

Headquartered in the South East of Melbourne in Braeside, Rosenberg can supply the axial fans to meet every application’s airflow and reliability specifications, regardless of condenser design.   

Rosenberg axial fans for condensers offer airflow capacities up to 35,000 m³/h and impeller diameters sized from 170mm to 1000mm.  

The proven Epsilon models feature low-noise sickle-shaped axial blades and the fans are available with or without electronic commutation (EC).  

The condenser or chiller fans can be plate-mounted or short-cased, outfitted with a regular or basket grill and equipped with round or square rings.  

When specified, these condenser fans can be supplied in speed controllable models using external 2-pole to 12-pole rotor motors.  

The enhanced range of sickle-blade axial fans from Rosenberg features winglet tips on impeller blades from 560mm up to 1000mm in diameter.  

Winglets significantly reduce noise and improve fan performance by decreasing turbulence at the wing tips. This also improves fluid dynamics and increases fan output.  

Key features of Rosenberg’s axial fans with winglet-tipped blades: 

  • Suitable for diverse HVAC applications including condensers, heaters, evaporators, heat pumps and air-cooled water chillers
  • Fan design provides steep airflow/pressure curve and provides excellent efficiency over a wide range of the curve
  • 800mm axial fans deliver as much as 25,000m³/h at free air or 13,000m³/h with maximum static pressure of 150Pa
  • Available in six-bladed models
  • Can be installed in any position and speed is 100% infinitely variable
  • Thermal contacts provide standard motor protection
  • Insulation is to Class F and side cable connection or connecting box on the rear side of the motor is standard
  • Fans can be specified with or without electronic commutation
  • Electronically commutated fans feature standard AC input power and extended-life, low temperature brushless DC motors
  • Integrated electronic speed control enables Rosenberg fan motors to run cooler and quieter

Rosenberg engineering and manufacturing specialists also offer application assistance and work directly with customers to provide customised solutions for their air movement requirements.

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