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Talyrond 365 measurement device introduced by Rosebank Engineering

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Taylor Hobson Talyrond 365 represents a significant breakthrough in measurement technology. Combining precision scales and precise motion control in all axes with low instrument noise and high density data, Talyrond 365 is capable of discriminating both form and roughness detail.

With awareness that error of roundness and surface finish occur simultaneously at the manufacturing stage, it would seem to make sense for an inspection instrument to measure roundness and surface finish at the same time.

In fact tolerances for both roundness and surface finish nearly always reside on the same engineering drawing.

Taylor Hobson Talyrond 365 has been developed with this in mind. Cylindrical parts utilised in rotation are usually measured for roughness parallel to their rotational axis which often means expensive fixturing. The automatic centre and levelling feature of the Talyrond 365 assures flawless alignment of the rotational axis and reduces the need for complex fixturing.

Not all components are measured along the part axis, those providing a sealing surface may require radial measurement. For example, two circular mating surfaces that provide a seal require circumferential surface finish for scratch detection. This method of measurement would trap potential leaks caused by scratches in the longitudinal direction across the seal area.

In the example below, Rosebank Engineering Talyrond 365 was used to measure a component circumferentially utilising a diamond stylus and 72,000 radial data points. In the highlighted area a deep scratch has been detected. Rolling out the section of the trace into a linear profile gives a good indication of the nature of the scratch.

The advantages of combining surface finish and roundness are numerous. Measurement and analysis can be made with one instrument and one operator reducing both training and set up time.

The user may choose to produce roundness and surface finish results separately or combined into a single report as they appear on the engineering drawing.

When all these elements are put together, Talyrond 365 not only exceeds the capabilities of many roundness instruments it also improves repeatability and reliability.

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