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Surface finish gauge speeds crankshaft measurements

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A FULLY automatic surface finish gauge for crankshafts, camshafts, and transmission shafts that features a six minute average cycle time for crankshafts and provides a report of measured results on-screen or in plots is being introduced by Adcole Corporation.

Represented by Rosebank Engineering , the Adcole Model 1000 surface finish gauge features three variable reluctance pickups, each having 5μm diamond stylus that can measure roughness parameters such as Ra, Rp, Tp, and Rsk on main and rod journals as well as thrust faces.

This manually loaded, fully automatic gauge utilises Windows NT software graphics and may be stored and used in SPC programs. Capable of scanning 2,000 points per mm, the gauge measures the entire length of a journal in one scan and reports the results in 5.6mm evaluation lengths which are industry-standard.

Incorporating machine designs of other Adcole camshaft and crankshaft gauges, this present gauge accommodates shafts up to 91.5cm.

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