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Round parts inspection systems

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article image Optimum safety for operators.

TESA Scan models are non-contact, Swiss made, measuring systems, available from Rosebank Engineering , that provide a complete solution for inspecting round parts from 0.3mm to 130mm diameter and up to as long as 1000mm.

A superior alternative to traditional and time consuming inspection methods, the TESA Scan range has combined technologies of several opto-electronic systems such as profile projectors and microscopes. All models offer rotary scanning and two-dimensional measurements.

The orientation of the linear sensors are uniquely angled to provide accurate analysis of all geometric part features, even for parts with parallel or inclined surfaces.

Dynamic measurements such as concentricity, runout, roundness, cylindricity, diameters, hexagon and 3D workpiece alignment can be taken. The Plus TESA Scan version models have a tilting slew mechanism mounted onto the Z-axis for thread measurement.

There is also an option to measure worm threads and ball screw pitch. TESA Scan models with enclosures offer optimum safety for operators, as all moving parts will be in an enclosed cubicle.

The TESA Scan models are equipped with two user-friendly application softwares. The TESA Pro-Composer software is used for creating and editing programmes. The TESA Pro-Measure software is for data acquisition and result output in various numerical and graphical formats.

The software also includes a number of filters that can be selected at different levels to reduce the effect of contaminated workpieces.

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