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New Form Talysurf Intra available from Rosebank Engineering

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Manufacturers of precision components are being increasingly called upon to inspect sophisticated parameters of roughness, profile and form.

The new Form TalySurf Intra from Taylor Hobson is a portable, shop floor tool that handles surface finish measurement with simplicity and speed.

Now, instead of backing away from contracts with tough specifications, machine shop operators can rely on Intra to power them through even confusing engineering requirements.

Part inspection should not be more complex than manufacturing. A touch screen panel with simple “one touch” icons makes inspecting the part as easy as stopping and starting the machine that produces it.

The panel layout will be familiar to anyone who has ever operated a machine tool. Commands are in plain English and arranged in a logical, task oriented sequence.

With little or no training required, Intra enables every machine operator to inspect parts correctly and efficiently.

The control panel uses an infra red link (IrDA) to communicate with the measuring device to eliminate the nuisance of connecting cables.

Both the panel and the traverse unit operate on 220V supply or rechargeable, high capacity metal hybrid batteries.

In either case Intra requires no installation or special set-up considerations. With a total footprint of just 600mm (L) x 300mm (D), the system will fit on any available table anywhere in the shop and go to work immediately without disrupting normal workflow.

In the tradition of Taylor Hobson’s patented Form TalySurf instruments, Intra has the capability to measure roughness, waviness, form, radius and slope.

Of particular interest is the ability to measure roughness on curved features. With a full millimetre of gauge range and 16 nanometre resolution, virtually any component can be measured with accuracy and reliability.

Intra’s wide gauge range also eliminates the need for precision workholding fixtures and tedious component set-up.

Although the control module weighs less than 2 kg and measures about 280mm x 200mm it packs a lot of features. Measurement results are displayed instantly on the control panel screen and also stored internally in case future analysis is desired.

In addition, Intra has a PCMICA type II slot for use with an optional PC ATA Flash Card which allows transfer of measurement results to personal computers in remote locations.

An optional printer completes the package whenever a hard copy of results is necessary.

The new Form Talysurf Intra is available from Rosebank Engineering.

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