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Modular door stations from Ropek

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Ropek  offers an extensive range of audio and video intercom systems. Ropek has an extensive knowledge in programming access control system like multifunctional systems of concept range and telecom challenger.

Ropek offers an extensive range of products which includes security alarm systems, security intercoms, access control systems, telephone systems and CCTV. Targha door station from Ropek has aluminium front plate and single surface mounting frame with a single embedding box which are used to produce any video or audio entry control installation. Targha door stations are available in three types of front plate in gold, steel and white colour. The camera monitoring angle of the Targha door station can be adjusted vertically and horizontally.

Ropek offers modular designer door station that has various features like clear sound, fully modular, elegant design, weatherproof, impact resistant and tamperproof locking devise. Ropek has cast aluminium bezel in titanium colour and modules that are in sturdy impact ABS plastic.

Ropek offers high security door stations that are custom made in 316 stainless steel which has vandal resistant bell buttons made of metal, fully waterproof, key locked, compact design and variable volume setting on recess mounting and surface mounting.

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