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Safe industrial rope access solutions from Roberts Rope Access & Rescue

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Roberts Rope Access & Rescue , based on the Gold Coast, offer industrial rope access solutions anywhere in Australia.

But what is Rope Access?

Rope Access is a system for working at heights safely and efficiently.

Rope Access uses techniques that were first developed by people doing cave exploration. These techniques have been adopted and adapted for industry. The main difference being, the use of a secondary back up rope for added safety.

These days however, there are strict guidelines and codes of practice that must be followed when using rope access. Roberts Rope Access & Rescue adhere to the guidelines established by the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association.

Every work situation involving rope access has a pre planned rescue action ready to be carried out at a moment’s notice, if necessary. This is unique to the industry and one of the reasons why it is a safe method of working at height.

Operatives are all thoroughly trained in rope rescue techniques. Roberts Rope Access & Rescue work in small organised teams and plan for all eventualities. A gram of prevention, is better than a kilo of cure, and Roberts Rope Access & Rescue has a safety record to prove it.

Cost benefits of using rope access can be substantial. Traditional methods require you to pay for an expensive access system, such as scaffolding, stages or cherry pickers. Then on top of that charge you will have to pay for labour to actually do the work in hand. Roberts Rope Access & Rescue does the whole job for one price with no hidden costs.

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