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Safe fall arrest systems from Roodsafe Australasia

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Roodsafe Australasia  provides direct revolution in fall arrest systems for roofers, builders, contractors and for those who wish to buy components for installing a fall arrest systems directly from the manufacturer of Rood safe.

Roodsafe Australasia provides solutions to roofing systems which include Single Ply PVC Membrane, Standing seams, Composite panel and Built up on site works.
Designing and fitting instructions are offered by Roodsafe Australasia which helps to integrate fall arrest/restraint systems into the project. Roodsafe Australasia is dedicated to the development, design and fabrication of cable based safety systems.

Roodsafe Australasia follows certain designing principles. Two types of system can be installed. Roodsafe Australasia supplies cable attachment device called as Life wheel. Life Wheel can be utilized from both sides of the system and easily attached from the system with help of two hand operation which connects the worker to the system cable and is applicable for ankle height fall arrest systems. Life wheel are made from stainless steel material.

Roodsafe Australasia supplies range of posts with modern roofs having all regulatory requirements which protects the workers from height. Bracket posts has its own benefits which include easy fitting, fall restraint, can be fixed to roof panels using weathering stitching screws.

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