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Cable-based fall arrest and restraint systems available from Roodsafe

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Roodsafe is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of cable-based fall arrest and restraint systems with a continuing research and development program.

Roodsafe systems are designed to provide protection to end-users at risk of falls. Roodsafe systems are designed for use wherever falls can occur; particularly where building roof access is required for repairs, maintenance, cleaning and inspection.

Roodsafe installations range from systems across warehouse units to complex systems in steel works, timber mills and even systems on top of waste trucks. Roodsafe products are versatile that they can be installed to any location where a fall of more than 2 meters can occur and fall protection is required.

Roodsafe systems can be used with all proprietary roofing systems including Stratmit, BHP, Lysaght and colorbond roof sheets.

The key features of the Roodsafe system are the versatility offered. The Roodsafe system can be installed on horizontal and vertical surfaces, 90 degrees at right angles and traverse inclines up to 30 degrees.

The Roodsafe system is also discreet and unobtrusive in design and installation. This means the Roodsafe systems are ideal for heritage-listed buildings and where architecture and facades require no extra equipment to be seen. The Roodsafe systems can also be fitted onto existing buildings or as part of a new building.

The Roodsafe systems are designed to support the fall of two people on a single line and to comply with the AS/NZS 1891 industrial fall arrest systems and devices policy.

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