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Ronson Gears now supplying Spiradrive gear systems

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article image Spiradrive gear systems are available in Australia from Ronson Gears

Ronson Gears  is the Australian agent for Spiradrive Gear Systems. Spiradrive produces higher ratios and more power transmission capacity than other forms of gearing.

Spiradrive gear systems feature unique design and performance advantages which are currently being used in many industrial, commercial and military applications.
Typical applications for Spiradrive gear systems include:

  • automobiles
  • power tools
  • airborne recorders
  • floor polishers
  • aerials
  • screw jacks
  • hoists and torpedos
  • machine tools
  • lawn mowers
  • robots
  • military turrets
  • co-ordinate drives.
Key features of Spiradrive gear systems include:
  • ratios from 6:1 to 360:1 plus, in a single pair of gears
  • high torque transmission capacity
  • runs stronger and smoother than other types of gears of equal size and ratio
  • smaller packaging dimensions than equivalent worm gear sets
  • high shock strength
  • has positive backlash control
  • three minutes of arc backlash capability
  • greater efficiency at higher ratios than worm gears
  • less sensitive to mounting errors than worm, bevel, mitre or hypoid gears.

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