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Quality and inspection of automotive gearing with Ronson Gears

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article image Ronson Gears takes gear manufacturing quality and inspection with great care.

For Ronson Gears , quality and inspection is paramount in automotive gear manufacturing. Gear manufacturing is a huge business for both local and global applications.

Automotive gears are used in many important functions including cam shafts, crank shafts, timing gears at the front of the motor, differential gearing, drive shafting, windscreen wipers and retractable sun roofs. Without precision gearing, all these parts become inoperable and dysfunctional.

In automotive transmission gearing, more complex analytical gear measurement and inspection becomes necessary. Gear manufacturing begins with the machining of the gear blank and the use of traditional measuring instruments including verniers, micrometers and plug gauges to verify dimensions.

In inspecting for correct tooth size alone involves measuring the tooth with a special “tooth” vernier, taking a span measurement across several teeth or taking a measurement over balls or pins. These methods provide a convenient determination of the tooth thickness, which helps ensure the designer’s requirement of backlash will be met when the gear is assembled.

Gears are designed to industry standards, which include the International ISO Standard, German DIN Standard, Japanese JIS Standard and the US American Gear Manufacturing Association (AGMA) Standard. Currently DIN, AGMA and ISO Standards are the most globally used.

Within these standards, a designer will specify a Quality Level (degree of accuracy) that is required to meet the needs of the gear’s service application. It is the gear manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure that all gears are made to the designer’s specification.

Ronson Gears takes this responsibility seriously and gear inspection is an integral part of a stringent quality regime. Every gear, small and large, will be measured and inspected for accuracy, quality and functionality.

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