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An increase in environmental awareness and subsequent government legislation has seen more demand for Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS).

The Romteck Environmental Monitoring Systems is used by many organisations to comply with the legislative requirements enforced by the Environmental Protection Authority.

The Environmental Monitoring System is a combination of microprocessor based electronic hardware and software that allows a range of sensors and equipment configurations to be tailored for each site.

The Environmental Monitoring System is often used:

  • Weather data gathering
  • Monitoring SO2 emissions from stacks
  • Monitoring salinity and pH of streams
  • Monitoring river levels, effluent overflow
  • Monitoring evaporation
When it is combined with communication abilities the Environmental Monitoring System can operate in a standalone mode or it can operate as part of a complete network of units distributed over a site or even a city.

These systems can also been integrated with third party Predictive Modelling software systems to allow the maximisation of emissions within prescribed levels.

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