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The Delta FMS console is a microprocessor based unit that is mounted adjacent to the fueling point and controls access to and issue of the fuel.

Fuel management systems for industrial applications
Romteck has drawn on its ten years experience in providing FMS systems to many major organisations and has developed a software and hardware solution that provides cost effective and state of the art Fuel Management Systems.

  • Leak detection and emergency alerting functions
  • Manage the use of fuel, fuel systems and other liquids
  • Tank transfers can be performed automatically with quantity as well as high and low level sensing
  • Stock receipt and costing, audit trail and reports
  • Vehicles can be multifuel, eg: unleaded and gas, or can be a refuelling and service vehicle drawing several differing products

Fire alarm monitoring software to improve fire and fault alarm response
Fire Alarm Monitoring Software is designed to allow monitoring of distributed alarm systems, typically Fire Indicator Panels or other similar devices and to provide alerting and information relating to the exact nature of the alarm at a central monitoring point.

  • Ability to monitor unlimited buildings, Fire Indicator Panels or Manual Call points
  • Alarms can be defined as High Priority or Low Priority
  • Extensive fire, fault, test and system reporting capability to screen, printer or disk
  • Pager, modem and mobile data terminal support for remote alarm alerting
  • Alarm history logs with time and date stamping
  • Procedures help screens for fire and fault alarm response
  • Alarm delay function to assist in eliminating momentary false alarms
  • Manned and Unmanned operating modes

Reliable alarm signalling equipment
The ASE are microprocessor based units that incorporate the latest advances in technology to provide a reliable alarm monitoring equipment and alerting function within a fire alarm monitoring network.

  • Capable of operating over any current communication media
  • Fail safe redundant capabilities in the event of a failure of any link back to the Alarm Monitoring Centre
  • Alarm Signalling Equipment (ASE) designed to current standards
  • Up to 8 ASE can operate over a single leased line
  • Monitors the FIP alarm input lines and battery voltages
  • Local and remote Alarm Signalling Equipment isolation provision
  • Romteck - largest manufacturer of Alarm Signalling Equipment for Australian Fire Brigades
  • Networks for IP, GSM, GPRS
Romteck can design, integrate, install, maintain and provide continuing assistance with your fuel management systems.
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