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Electricity Distribution Systems from Romteck

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The initial integration of Romteck products into the electricity distribution infrastructure by public utilities led to Romteck being allied with one of Australia's technologically advanced electricity authority to produce cost effective, highly evolved products and systems for the management and control of remote area electricity distribution networks.

These systems are now used worldwide having been taken up by electricity utilities in the USA, Mexico, Australia and Venezuela.

These systems integrate the numerous items of switching and re-closing equipment used in such networks, such as SF6 Gas switches, Automatic Circuit Reclosers (ACRs), and provide a common medium to control monitor and manage them.

The use of intelligent controllers and speech synthesisers combined with multiple communication pathing capabilities minimises manpower required to effectively control large electricity distribution systems.

Romteck provides intelligent remote terminal units, communication HUB controllers and POWERMON SCADA software systems as standard products to International Standards, with protocols such as Modbus, Cooper 2179, DNP3, IEC870 or can customise and integrate the products into existing systems.

Devices can operate as Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED's) or as protocol convertors to integrate diverse line products and protocols into a common network.

Many of the Romteck devices provide flexible communication features with multiple communication ports with RS232, Fibre Optic, FSK, TTL, Radio and FSK on a single device. Multiple protocols are also capable of existing on indiviudual ports on a single device.

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