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Delta 3 data concentrator units with onboard intelligence from Romteck

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Romteck Delta 3 data concentrator units are designed with the onboard intelligence and standard features to allow the various plant and equipment monitoring, control and communication facilities required in many SCADA and Telemetry applications. The Romteck Delta 3 data concentrator units consist of a range of products that can be optioned to suit the requirements and cost considerations of the particular application.

The Delta 3 data concentrator unit is microprocessor based and provides a powerful, yet flexible and compact, module able to cater for several requirements. Delta 3 data concentrator unit also contains the onboard communication interfaces and is connected to the appropriate communication media such as Ethernet, radio or PSTN.

To cater for the control and monitoring requirements, as well as cost implications of smaller applications, the Delta 3 data concentrator unit can be optioned with a variety of input and output connections as well as providing connection to the additional external input and output modules. All inputs and outputs are provided with LED indication of their state.

Communication is a key component of any SCADA or telemetry system and the Delta 3 data concentrator enables several forms of communication to be catered for through on board industry standard and interfaces. This minimizes the design effort required for Delta 3 data concentrator integration with the chosen communication network.

Communication ports available are 3 x RS232, 1 x RS422/485, 1 x FSK, 1 x Ethernet port and an additional internal TTL port for custom applications. A variety of communication protocols are available including, MODBUS, DH+, DNP3 and IEC60870-5-101.

The Delta 3 data concentrator in many applications may not need to communicate its information out in real time in which case it can operate as a data logger and store the information for later transfer. This is achieved using a socketed compact flash module on board with capacity currently up to 256 MBytes.

The typical applications where the Delta 3 data concentrator are products used in are water treatment plants, borefield control and monitoring, pumping stations, electricity distribution networks, stacker/reclaimers. In larger Telemetry and SCADA applications the Delta 3 data concentrator has the capacity to operate as a data concentrator managing a network of smaller RTUs and through its communication options reporting these to a master station.

The DELTA 3 data concentrator are:

  • Ideal for SCADA and remote Telemetry systems
  • Microprocessor based with plug and play interconnection
  • Integral modem and radio communications capabilities
  • Control and monitor local and remote equipment
  • Stand-alone data logging and retrieval

Security is also available in the form of an optional touch key interface mounted on the panel to authorise access to the Delta 3 data concentrator. The Delta 3 data concentrator enclosure is designed for the harsh environment encountered in industrial and mining applications. In the standard form the Delta 3 data concentrator is manufactured in a flange mounted enclosure.

For additional protection, or when integrated as a turnkey system, a variety of powder coated steel, stainless steel, fibreglass or similar enclosures are available. Cable and antenna entries are through cable glands to provide secure clamping as well as preventing dirt and moisture ingress. For specific applications custom enclosure, material and mounting arrangements can be provided. Wiring connectors can be plug and socket to allow removal of the unit without the need to remove cables.

Built-in diagnostics and on-board front panel status indicators allow both factory and service testing of the Delta 3 data concentrator with a minimum of specialised field equipment.

QualityThe Delta 3 data concentrator is designed and manufactured in Australia to meet the stringent Romteck ISO 9001-2000 quality requirements.

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