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Automatic Vehicle Location Systems by Romteck

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The Romteck Deltatrack system provides fleet managers with an Automatic Vehicle Location and Monitoring system, which is adaptable to a variety of specific applications. The Romteck Deltatrack system collects, stores and relays operational data and GPS position information to a control centre for display, analysis and recording as a resource management tool for improving operational efficiency, cost effectiveness and security.

Security can be further enhanced through integration with the Romteck Vehicle Video Security System.

Long haul road transport and short haul fleet operators, railways, ferry fleet companies, bus fleet operators, military and mining operation contractors require accurate real time information to optimise and provide efficient use of resources.

Advances in computing and communications technologies provide opportunities for the real time monitoring of position, performance and environmental parameters in road, rail and other vehicles, vessels, plant and equipment virtually anywhere in the world.

The in vehicle unit, Deltatrack Vehicle Terminal Unit (VTU) acts as an intelligent controller by collecting the data from the attached sensor interfaces and on-board computer and engine management systems then transmits this data via the vehicles radio or other communication system to a central control system. All communication protocols are handled by the VTU.

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