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Australian Standards-based ASE from Romteck

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The Romteck alarm signalling equipment (ASE) is designed based on the current Australian Standards AS 4418, 4428 and 1670 and is compliant with the current EMC and Austel requirements.

The ASE is a microprocessor-based unit that incorporates the new advances in technology to provide a reliable alarm monitoring and alerting function within a fire alarm monitoring network.

The ASE is capable of operating over any current communication media including copper, fibre optic, microwave, radio etc. and provides three separate communication links to enable fail safe redundant capabilities in the event of a failure of any link back to the alarm monitoring centre.

The ASE is designed to operate primarily on a dedicated leased line, which provides direct connection between the building and the alarm monitoring centre. This ensures that the ASE and the connected fire indicator panels (FIP) or sprinklers are monitored every three seconds to check for both fire alarms but also any failure of the equipment in between.

Combined with a secondary backup communication path that is automatically initiated in the event of a failure on the main link, the ASE provides a high integrity monitoring capability.

The ASE can accept up to eight individual alarm inputs from the fire panel as well as monitoring the battery of the FIP, the alarm lines connected to it and the communication links to the alarm monitoring centre.

Status indicators on the front panel allow understanding of the current status and functioning of the ASE and a buzzer output can be used to alert locally in the event of a failure. Two outputs are provided on the ASE to allow local operation of equipment such as sirens or to reset fire panels remotely.

For systems requiring local powering of the ASE such as sprinkler systems, valve monitors etc, the Romteck RM99134 ASE power supply can be utilised to provide a compact, battery backed power supply that meets the new Australian Standards for such devices.

As a manufacturer of ASE for Australian Fire Brigades, Romteck has maintained compatibility with its existing range of alarm monitoring products to ensure the ASE can be integrated within existing networks with minimal cost and disruption.

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