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Workholding for 'lean' 5-side machining

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article image Suitable for complex 5-sided machining.

TECHNIGRIP, a US based company, has launched a new workholding system that suits today’s just-in-time manufacturing environment. Technigrip is a revolutionary workholding system using the proven ‘Pin & Hole’ method for consistent and positive location and a ‘Dovetail’ cut for exceptional gripping strength. Technigrip’s products are available from Romheld Australia.

Workpieces are prepped on one side by machining a small dovetail and two location holes, which takes less than 3mm of stock and leaves the other 5-sides completely unobstructed for machining.

Once the workpiece has been prepped, it is located onto the Technigrip fixture via the two holes and clamped across the dovetail using an allen key. The system allows the programmer, set-up people and machine operators to use fixed work coordinates and thus greatly reduces set-up, loading and machine cycle times.

Techingrip models are available in 2 and 4-sided tombstone configurations. A 4th-axis unit for use with rotary tables and several universal models in sizes from 127mm to 915mm long can be used in horizontal and vertical machining centres.

The flexible design allows for multiple parts and endless part configurations to be run on the same fixture with little or no set-up changes.

Users benefit from standardised preparation and fixturing for each job. Clamping capacity allows heavy cutting and the positive location increases dimensional repeatability while eliminating all loading variables due to operator error. For example, there is no need for parallels, spreaders or indicators. There is nothing to set-up and nothing to take down.

Technigrip is used extensively in the manufacture of complex defence and aerospace parts where exotic materials are specified and 5-axis work is often preferred. Material wastage is kept to a minimum and the number of operations for a given job can be drastically reduced, leading to both set-up and production cost savings.

Romheld Australia distributes Technigrip products, along with a complete range of workholding, automation and machine tool accessories, throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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