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Wiper increases life of hydraulic clamps

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article image Swing clamp with metallic wiper system.

Roemheld, represented by Romheld Australia , has released a wiper system for swing clamps and work supports. Hydraulic swing clamps used in power workholding fixtures are subject to a demanding environment including corrosive coolants at pressures of up to 70 bar and hot swarf which can accumulate during dry machining.

All hydraulic clamping and supporting elements which are located in this environment must be equipped with a wiper to avoid penetration of any contaminants into the piston rod guide.

Roemheld swing clamps can now be supplied with a metallic wiper in combination with the Viton wiper. This double wiper system improves protection, reduces downtime and prolongs component life.

The metallic wiper consists of a hardened, sharp-edged wiper disc with radial compensation which counteracts the eccentric load of the swing clamp piston rod. This guarantees a perfect contact of the wiper disc in each piston position and deflects the majority of coolant and swarf. The secondary wiper mounted below the metallic wiper avoids further penetration of contaminants.

Work supports can also be equipped with the new wiper system. A brass wiper developed for this application offers good mechanical stability and resistance to aggressive coolants. Its exterior roof-shaped contours provide immediate drain-off for coolants and avoids the formation of pools. Work supports that are already in use can be retrofitted with the new wiper system at the manufacturer's workshop.

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