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article image PushCorp's servo back stand for robotic finishing applications.

WHEN a robot system is coupled with a compliant servo back stand the result is a fully programmable metal removal machine. The PushCorp SBS-81 series Servo Back Stand combines passive compliant force control and closed-loop servo motor speed control technology. Romheld Australia distributes PushCorp products.

The SBS-81 has been designed from the ground up as a belt stand for robotic finishing with many new and unique features. Accurate force and speed control allows you to achieve unprecedented levels of quality and consistency.

The SBS-81 enables maximum flexibility for any part-in-hand grinding, sanding, buffing or polishing application.

Linear travel compliance of 40mm and excellent access allow a robot to easily manipulate parts over the belt media.

An important feature is the high torque servo motor and belt drive system, which provides 2:1 reduction with high strength poly chain belt, for long life and increased durability.

In any finishing process, consistency is of paramount importance. For this reason, the SBS-81 is powered by a high torque servo motor with adjustable speed control that can be varied at any time during the finishing process. If contact force must vary during the finishing process an additional electrically controlled proportional regulator is employed.

With a 4.28kW motor producing 20Nm of torque and maximum speed of 2200rpm at the contact wheels, the SBS-81 produces belt media surface speeds from 100 to 8,000sfpm (surface feet per minute).

The unit is set-up with diameter 356mm contact wheels to handle standard 132" long belt media and can be specified in 50mm, 75mm and 100mm widths.

For multi-media finishing applications, the contact wheel can be replaced with Scotchbrite, wire brush or buffing wheels, which provides further flexibility to perform a variety of finishing tasks.

PushCorp, the world leader in force control technology, offers both passive and active force control compliance devices.

The active force instruments maintain the applied force of the material removal tool. Should any variation in the force be sensed by the system, it will adjust accordingly.

This device is capable of compensating for acceleration and gravity for a given force applied to the surface of the piece being worked. This facilitates the use of higher tool speeds, particularly when the surface has an irregular shape or profile.

The PushCorp range of products includes compliance units and controllers, high speed servo tool changers, servo weld shavers and glass grinders, plus active compliance wet sanders to enable complete robot end-of-arm system solutions.

In addition, there are system support products such as servo back stands with pneumatic belt tensioning and storage units for managing up to thirty sanding discs for continuous operation.

Romheld Australia distributes PushCorp products, along with a complete range of robot grippers and end-of-arm tooling, throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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