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Matrix workholding system

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article image The Matrix 'plug & play' clamping system with swing clamps.

MATRIX is a new hydraulic workpiece clamping system that incorporates clamping sets, which are fixed directly to the machine table.

Available from Romheld Australia , the system is ideal for clamping plates, shafts and other workpieces with simple contours.

Roemheld GmbH’s Matrix clamping system brings simple, flexible and affordable hydraulic workholding to every machine shop.

The system consists of clamping elements that each incorporate an integrated workpiece support and quick-disconnect coupling for 'plug-and-play' operation.

Integrated workpiece supports can be either fixed or hydraulically operated to compensate for irregularities and variations in the workpiece.

To ensure correct clamping sequences the hydraulically operated supports also include a sequence valve.

The clamping elements are simply fixed directly to the machine table via clamping claws and t-slots, which means no additional fixture costs.

Clamp elements can easily be re-positioned for the next job - providing optimum flexibility for small batch jobs.

Matrix systems can be supplied from a range of complete kits including clamp elements, hoses/fittings, manifold and optional hydraulic power unit.

Several kits are available, depending on the number of clamp elements required, or alternatively, individual elements can be supplied for customers to make up their own 'plug & play' kits.

Matrix systems and clamping elements are available in three versions, all with maximum operating pressure of 200 Bar. There are single acting swing clamps with either 2.4kN or 5.8kN clamp force, single acting hand slide clamps with either 6kN or 10kN clamp force and single acting side clamp and locking elements with either 2.4kN or 4.8kN clamp force.

Roemheld hydraulic products are supported and distributed exclusively throughout Australia and New Zealand by Romheld Australia.

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