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Magnetic workholding system

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article image Magnetic set-up blocks (A-Pods) allow true 5-sided and through machining capability.

ALPHA Workholding Solutions’ 'A-Pod' range of powerful, lightweight permanent magnet systems use state of the art neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) technology to help users increase profitability in the machine shop.

Available from Romheld Australia , the system consists of several compact yet extremely powerful magnetic set-up blocks (the A-Pods), which can be secured via t-slots on to the table of the machine, or alternatively onto a sub-plate.

The A-Pods (just 92.5mm x 106mm) are connected via a junction box to a controller and a hand pendant makes the whole system easy to operate.

A single pulse of electricity activates/de-activates the magnets so power consumption is negligible.

Pods can be arranged so that true 5-sided machining can be achieved, plus it is possible to machine through for drilling and tapping operations, thus significantly reducing set-up and non-cutting times.

Suitable for all kinds of machines, the system is transportable from one machine to the next and only one controller is necessary to fire any number of machines where the pods are used.

The system is offered in affordable kit form, the base kit being 5-pods that is expandable to 12-pods just by adding extra pods as required.

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