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article image Intensification ratios vary from 1.2 to 20 times the original pressure.

ROMHELD has released the miniBOOSTER range of hydraulic pressure intensifiers. They can be quickly and easily installed into existing hydraulic systems and are suitable for fixed installations or mobile equipment such as tractors.

It is available in several sizes and intensification ratios vary from 1.2 to 20 times the original pressure. The booster is fitted into the hydraulic line where the pressure is to be increased and subsequent outlet pressure is determined by controlling the input pressure.

The miniBOOSTER design incorporates a reciprocating intensifier which automatically increases system outlet pressure and compensates for oil loss on the high pressure side. Built-in bypass valving allows for the hydraulic actuator to operate at normal speed and pressure until it encounters resistance, at which time the intensifier automatically cuts in, providing the higher pressure exactly when and where it is needed.

The HC2 miniBOOSTER is just 110mm long by 50mm diameter and can be specified for use with all hydraulic mediums including oil and water. The use of a miniBOOSTER means that more compact hydraulic components can be used to achieve the desired force, thus reducing overall cost and the space needed for the hydraulic system.

Portable hydraulic power units are available which incorporate the booster to provide portable high pressure hydraulics. Power unit models can be driven electrically, pneumatically or directly from an existing low-pressure hydraulic system.

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