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article image Faster feed rates with less vibration.

A NEW generation of constant high speed precision tools, available from Romheld Australia , is redefining performance standards for today's high speed hand tools, motors and spindles for CNC, robotic and other mounted applications.

From CNC, robotic and other mounted applications, to hand finishing operations, the unique technology employed in the design and manufacture of these products delivers a cleaner cutting action, faster production rates and eliminates problems associated with traditional tools.

Air Turbine Tools patented governor control system delivers constant high speed under variable load for increased accuracy and extended cutting tool life.

The peripheral speed, not power or pressure, does the work faster with an improved surface finish. Light and powerful, these hand tools reduce vibration, fatigue, and repetitive strain injury.

Safe environmental operation is assured with noise levels under 67dBa and these hand tools are superior to vane type units as they do not get hot or cold, further improving operator comfort levels.

An optional automatic brake stops the spindle in seconds to avoid dangers associated with uncontrolled run-on. A selection of several body sizes and grip types, with speed ranges from 25,000 to 90,000rpm ensures there is a model to suit any job.

Increased productivity and operator safety is assured in manual de-burring, metal finishing, engraving, drilling and routing processes.

Air Turbine Spindles incorporate the same technology and are specifically designed for use in all CNC machines with integrated straight shank, BT40, CAT40 and HSK-A63 mounts. Suitable for automatic tool changers the spindles have optional side or through spindle air feed. With direct drive, power up to 1.1kW and accuracy to less than 0.002mm T.I.R. these spindles have ceramic bearings as standard and offer longer cutting tool life.

With double turbine models for extra power these ultra-precise spindles are suitable for milling, slotting, engraving, de-burring, routing and drilling, with super high cutting rates.

Air Turbine Motors are designed for mounting onto robots and other automated machinery to increase productivity. Slim and compact they can be ganged close together for working on multiple parts, or simultaneous process machining.

All Air Turbine products have an oil free mechanism that eliminates workplace pollution. With no vanes, no gears and no oil, no maintenance is required and there is less to repair if a unit is accidentally damaged. The patented turbine design consumes far less compressed air than conventional tools for efficient operation.

Air Turbine Tools offer a wide range of compact, reliable tools which save on compressed air consumption, extend tool life and offer proven, precise tools of a new generation, available today.

Romheld Australia distributes Air Turbine products, along with a complete range of CNC and robot end-of-arm tooling.

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