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article image Designed for direct mounting.

REMOVAL of spurs, gates and flash from plastic moulded parts can now be fully automated using the Vessel range of lightweight, compact air nippers.

Available from Romheld Australia , the air nippers are all designed for direct mounting into machines, robot grippers, automated handling systems, and special trimming jigs and fixtures.

Versions with built-in, adjustable, advance/retract slide mechanisms are available and all models are supported by a large range of standard blades for differing applications.

Slides can present the nippers to the workpiece in both vertical and horizontal directions, plus they can be mounted at virtually any angle.

The model GT-NY10S incorporates patented precision "V-Groove" slides for smooth, trouble-free operation, a first in the air nipper market.

Air nippers can be used for cutting, crimping, gripping, breaking, bending and punching of plastic and metal components. Units are available with capacity to cut up to 12mm diameter plastic and 4.5mm diameter in steel wire.

Simple shop air supply and ease of mounting makes the Vessel range of air nippers ideally suited to automated trimming processes in the plastics industry.

For applications where cutting without whitening or cracking is necessary, a "heat cutting" model can be used, and of course, manual versions are also produced.

Vessel, established in 1916, and a maker of air tools in Japan since 1946, also makes a range of static eliminators which are used in the plastics industry to remove unwanted static electricity from workpiece components.

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