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article image Compliance device, servo-motor, and tool changer.

WHEN confronted with medium to heavy duty grinding, polishing and other robotic material removal work, PushCorp's patented active force controller makes the end-of-arm tooling as good or better than what can be done by a person.

Available from Romheld Australia , the device can control contact between the material removal tool and the product. Basically, with control of both media speed and force, robots can perform consistently high quality material removal operations.

PushCorp, a world leader in force control technology, offers both passive and active force control compliance devices.

The active force instruments maintain the applied force of the material removal tool. Should any variation in the force be sensed by the system, it will adjust accordingly.

This device is capable of compensating for acceleration and gravity for a given force applied to the surface of the piece being worked. This facilitates the use of higher tool speeds, particularly when the surface has an irregular shape or profile.

Some examples of recent PushCorp applications include:

* ATM machines - remove weld spatter and blend weld beads.

* Car windows - grinds smooth round edge on auto glass profiles.

* Alloy wheels - blend and smooth complex surfaces prior to chrome plating.

* Cylinder heads - deburring with high speed die grinder.

* Car spoilers - remove edge flashing on plastic spoilers prior to painting.

* Tyre moulds - deep drilling of over 200 gating holes in tyre moulds.

* Castings - cut-off saw trims castings to size.

* Car bodies - wet sanding car bodies at final assembly to eliminate"orange peel" and other surface defects.

The PushCorp range of products includes compliance units and controllers, high speed servo tool changers, servo weld shavers and glass grinders, plus active compliance wet sanders to enable complete robot end-of-arm system solutions.

In addition there are system support products such as servo back stands with pneumatic belt tensioning and storage units for managing up to thirty (30) sanding discs for continuous operation.

Romheld Australia distributes PushCorp products, along with a complete range of robot grippers and end-of-arm tooling, throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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