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Versatile I/O converter and pulse counter

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SATEL’S C-Link is available exclusively through Rojone Pty Ltd and complements the SATELLINK product line featuring a digital I/O converter with a pulse counter.

Together with the SATELLINE radio modem, it provides a multi-purpose tool for a wide range of monitoring, metering and process control applications.

The C-Link is used for receiving and transmitting recorded pulses and digital status information through an RS-232 serial interface.

The four digital inputs sense and receive contact closure information and gauge readings, while the pulse counter senses and counts pulses from pulse initiators.

Features include:

* 4 digital I/O ports, solid state relays

* Slow and fast counter inputs and outputs

* Time based pulse transmission

* Transmission at programmed count

* Point-to-point or multipoint systems.

The combination of a pulse counter and digital I/O converter makes the system flexible and versatile.

Digital I/O ports can be used for driving motors and controls, at the same time that the pulse input port is used for metering other pulse information related to liquid flows or water, energy or gas consumption.

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