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Vehicle protection and tracking systems from Rojone

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An Australian designed and manufactured range of monitoring, protection and tracking systems gives vehicle, motorcycle and boat owners personalised, self-monitoring with no ongoing or back-to-base fees.

Also available is an electronic logbook recording up to 28 days continuous data for corporate and commercial applications.

Manufactured in Australia by Rojone, this range of products utilises GPS and GSM technology to give the vehicle owner instant tampering notification, control, tracking and emergency alert information over the phone, as well as tracking and recording of the vehicle.

Voice (telephone), SMS and data (computer) can contact the vehicle.

Patent protected, the Rojone range includes:

  • EziTraK vehicle security and tracking system for cars, earthmoving equipment, roadside signage and other vehicles
  • BikeBANDIT security and tracking system for motorbikes
  • BoatBANDIT security and tracking system for boats and vessels
  • wayLOGGER electronic log book

The Rojone range of EziTraK, BikeBANDIT and BoatBANDIT vehicle protection and tracking systems offers 3-point immobilisation within seconds of ignition detection, to stop the theft in its tracks.

The owner is given instant tampering notification, control, tracking and emergency alert information over the phone.

Interaction with EziTraK, BikeBANDIT and BoatBANDIT is typically done by selecting menu options over the phone (mobile phone or landline).

As a silent anti-theft system, the range of products calls its owner within seconds of the doors or hatch being opened, kicks stand movement, or ignition detection. As an added feature, BoatBANDIT will notify you if water enters the vessel and you can then remotely activate the bilge pump.

EziTraK, BikeBANDIT and BoatBANDIT incur no ongoing fees or charges, and put control of the vehicle back into the owner’s hands. Also, EziTraK, BikeBANDIT and BoatBANDIT combine GSM security and GPS tracking functions in a system that is not rented or leased - it is yours. If you sell your vehicle, you can remove the unit and install it on your next vehicle, giving you ongoing comprehensive monitoring and protection.

EziTraK, BikeBANDIT and BoatBANDIT utilise GSM technology through the existing cellular network, which has 99% coverage throughout Australia.

The only additional requirement is a GSM SIM card from your preferred network provider. Use your mobile phone to keep track of your vehicle and find out within seconds of ignition starting or a door opening.

The systems include a panic button as standard ideal for family members driving the vehicle to alert you to a problem (such as a road rage incident).

When the panic button is activated for 2 seconds, the system calls a designated phone number (mobile or landline) and sends an SMS message to a designated mobile phone to advise of an emergency and give the live coordinates of the vehicle.

Vehicle protection and monitoring systems from Rojone offer control and security of your vehicle via a secure PIN code set by you, which protects the system from misuse and from an intruder overriding the system.

Each system is supplied ready to install with all components. This innovative Australian product can be installed by the vehicle owner or by a trained technician.

The only additional requirement is a GSM SIM card from your preferred network provider. Mapping software is also an optional extra.

In addition to individuals protecting and tracking their vehicles, these vehicle protection and monitoring systems have corporate and fleet applications.

EziTraK is ideal for protecting company cars, earthmoving equipment, mining machinery and portable roadside signage.

wayLOGGER electronic logbook is a low cost, simple to use GPS data logger for recording 7 to 28 days (168 to 672 hours) of continuous vehicle usage or travel history - position, time, date, speed and heading.

EziTraK, BikeBANDIT and BoatBANDIT from Rojone all contain black box recorders as standard, so you can track where your vehicle has been. GPS technology gives you accurate locations of your vehicle, to within 6 metres.

With EziTraK, BikeBANDIT and BoatBANDIT, you are completely in control of the security of your vehicle with no ongoing costs. You have the ability to remotely immobilise and lock the vehicle in the event of tampering.

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