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ROJ-180A low PIM 800-2500MHz lightning protectors from Rojone

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Rojone presents the ROJ-180A low PIM lightning protectors designed for modern digital/multi-channel antenna systems such as GSM, CDMA, 3G and WLAN applications.  

Designed and manufactured in Australia, ROJ-180A is a range of low cost, commercial low IM3 lightning protectors specially made for high power professional RF TX/RX antenna systems working in an 800-2500MHz band to provide reliable protection to systems.  

Key benefits of ROJ-180A lightning protectors:  

  • High reliability 
  • Low insertion loss 
  • Low residual voltage 
  • High RF through power 
  • Wide bandwidth 
  • Low VSWR 
  • Low intermodulation 
  • High discharge capacity    
  • Frequency range: 800-2500MHz 
  • Input RF power: 2500W max 
  • Discharge capacity: 30KA @ 8/20uS wave 
  • Residual voltage: <15KV/uS 
  • RF connectors: DIN716 M-F 
  • IM3: <-155dBc @ 43dBm x 2 
  • DC input/output  DC grounded 
  • Input VSWR: <1.25:1 
  • Insertion loss: <0.15dB    
Rojone specialises in the design and manufacture of various products to suit the requirements of modern telecommunications applications. The proudly 100% Australian owned and privately operated company offers expertise in the GPS, antenna, RF and microwave segments.

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