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Pulse counter and I/O converter for wireless applications

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article image Ideal for remote controlling systems.

SATEL Oy’s Mini-Link is a compact, cost-effective member of the SATELLINK product group of I/O converters. It is available exclusively from Rojone Pty Ltd .

Together with the SATELLINE-1870 radio mode, it provides a handy tool for setting up wireless control and surveillance applications based on pulse counting and transfer of digital I/O information.

The Mini-Link is a versatile converter, equipped with a pulse counter and two digital inputs and outputs.

It is connected directly to the SATELLINE-1870 radio modem through an RS-232 serial interface.

The pulse counter is used for online control of water, electricity and gas consumption, while the I/O converter is used for transfer of contact information and readings of field instruments like gauges.

The Mini-Link is designed to receive pulse information in the Multipoint mode only, whereas I/O digital status information can be transferred in both Multipoint and Point-to-Point Systems.

Features include:

* 2 digital I/O ports, solid state relays

* Fast pulse counter input

* Point-to-point or multipoint systems

* Screw connectors to terminal

* Small and cost effective

* Ideal for remote controlling systems.

The Mini-Link’s applications include industrial production, public utilities (water and energy supply systems), as well as in household use (security applications and business).

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