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ROJONE Pty Ltd has released a specially designed high performance GPS antenna – the GPS12RXA13NS.

Designed and manufactured in Australia by Rojone, this antenna features:

* Super low noise (0.7dB)

* High rejection (over 1000dB) for all mobile phone bands and VHF/UHF two way radios

* High accuracy (to cm level) and well-controlled reception gain with over 180° elevation.

This antenna has already found a use in a major Australian defence project, which requires the GPS antenna to work in a high EMI environment (radars and hopping radios). In this environment, the antenna has provided outstanding reliability and stability.

The antenna comes with three different gains to suit different needs:

* High gain version - 50dB - suitable for high performance survey GPS device with low EMI environment use.

* Medium gain version - 33dB - suitable for general-purpose use.

* Low gain version - 20dB – suitable for base station and TV station use, with a super high dynamic range with IPO3 of 35dBm.

By combining GPS12RXA13NS with a control unit and a TX antenna, a high performance GPS L1-L2 repeater system can be easily set up to provide adequate coverage for a 10-20m range.

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