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GPS vehicle security and tracking system

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article image EziTrak Micro – half the size of previous models.

ROJONE has released the next generation vehicle protection system -- EziTrak Micro vehicle security and tracking system.

This new release has been specifically designed as a more compact unit, using less power but offering customers increased features and greater suitability for all vehicles.

EziTrak Micro is an Australian designed and manufactured monitoring, protection and GPS tracking system giving car and vehicle owners personalised, self-monitoring of their vehicle.

This early warning anti-theft device is interactive and has no monthly or annual monitoring fees.

The EziTrak Micro is half the size of previous models, measuring only 80mm (L) x 61mm (W) x 35mm (H). This makes it suitable for use in motorbikes plus plant machinery.

The outer casing has a low sheen black finish, which makes it even harder for thieves to locate, and the unit comes complete with an internal vibration sensor.

The EziTrak Micro is specifically designed to have a very low power consumption; in deep sleep mode, this is as low as 1 milliamp. The unit comes standard with an internal trickle-charged backup NIMH battery.

The internal phone module in the EziTrak Micro is the latest available and is compatible with all phone networks, meaning the EziTrak Micro can be used with any GSM system in the world.

The system offers remote immobilisation capability, when the ignition is off. This complies with the relevant Australian and international standards.

EziTrak Micro has an internal black box recorder logging speed, position, time and date from 1-255 hours, as often as once per second.

Particularly of use to fleet operators, the EziTrak Micro can now email the contents of the black box to an email address where the information can be downloaded and played back on a PC moving map display.

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