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GPS L1-L2 repeater systems now available from Rojone

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Following the success of their L1 repeater kit, Rojone is pleased to release details of their new GPS L1-L2 repeater systems specifically designed to provide adequate GPS coverage of both L1 and L2 bands for aircraft, and for use in surveying applications.

These GPS L1-L2 repeater systems are available in fixed installation solutions (hangars, shelters and other internal buildings) as well as in a fully self contained emergency field deployable kit supplied complete with antennas, repeater modules and all equipment in one compact module.

Developed in conjunction with the Australian Defence Department, the emergency field deployable GPS repeater system kit has been in effective operation since 2006 at several Australian RAAF bases in Australia.

These repeater systems offer coverage up to 15m at the maximum radiation direction, and they are mounted and stored in a waterproof Mil Spec case with IP65 rating.

Key features of these portable GPS repeater systems include:

  • high sensitivity receiver antenna, to track satellites with 5 deg elevation or above
  • high performance main RF amplifier with high rejection filters for both L1 and L2
  • high efficiency TX antenna with over 100 dB RF blocking to VHF and UHF radios and GSM mobile phone signals, and well controlled radiation patterns to minimise interference to GPS receivers outside the shelter
  • powered by batteries or 240V AC
  • mounting kit for easy setup and pack down
  • lightweight (38 kg) and rugged transport box
  • self-protection function designed to prevent the damage caused by short circuits
  • power supply will automatically function when the unit is switched on
  • low battery alarm function and red LED to indicate limited battery life
  • auto isolation detection circuit to speed up installation and maintain high performance.

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