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ROJONE ’S wayLOGGER is a low cost, simple to use GPS data logger. It allows businesses to monitor their vehicles.

The system is suited to applications where the vehicle owner or fleet manager wants to simply record between 7 to 28 days (168 to 672 hours) of continuous vehicle usage or travel history. Information recorded includes position, time, date, speed, and heading. One application is in the event of a car accident, to help determine speed of travel.

The wayLOGGER logs GPS data consisting of position (longitude and latitude), time, date, speed and heading once per second (or as set by the user). Recording begins when the ignition is turned on. The data is collected on to a removable 32MB Smart Media Card, which contains a PC compatible file and card ID information.

It is designed to be powered from any standard 8V to 30V vehicle supply. It is typically mounted under the dashboard. The unit needs to remain accessible to allow removal and replacement of the card. Alternatively, the wayLOGGER can be mounted inside a tamper proof box.

Software is provided to allow users to playback the log file, select specific times or locations of interest and output the data to a map for a visual display. The system is ideal for security companies, couriers or pathology pick-up services where the time and exact locations covered on a trip need to be monitored and observed.

The wayLOGGER is a compact, robust module that keeps power consumption to a minimum. Installation time is under 2 hours and can be done by the vehicle owner or a technician.

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