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DC-18 GHz coaxial replaceable end connector from Rojone

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Available exclusively through Rojone , Times Microwave Systems has developed a DC-18 GHz coaxial replaceable end connector for its Miltech ultra low loss, lightweight cable assemblies which can rotate 360O continuously.

This unique innovation solves many of the traditional problems of cable assembly fatigue failures due to constant flexing of high performance coaxial cable assemblies, and also provides a viable alternative to using additional coaxial broadband rotating joints with their inherent poor electrical performances and high cost.

The DC-18 GHz coaxial replaceable end connector also lends itself to non RF/Microwave applications such as DC power transfer and potentially also data transfer applications.

This new technology is ideal for providing the vital link between stationary and movable parts of Radars, Elint Systems, Radar Warning Receiver Systems, ESM systems and SAT Comms/High Capacity Line of Sight Communication systems.

It complements the Times range of Miltech Ultra Low Loss, high reliability, MIL-T-81490 Qualified flexible microwave coaxial cable assemblies


  • Operates broadband from DC-18 GHz
  • Available for Times Microwave cable sizes
  • Up to 1 million 360O rotations
  • Available in TNC connectors (other connectors available)
  • Rugged, corrosion resistant stainless steel design suitable for demanding military tasks
  • Wide temperature range, -40OC to +85OC
  • Up to 50% lower insertion loss than traditional rotating joints
  • Improved, lower VSWR than traditional rotating joints and cable solutions
  • Lighter weight than traditional rotating joints

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