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Available from Rojone is the unique new Fastrax IT900 RF module for GPS

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Rojone is the exclusive Australian distributor of the new Fastrax IT900 module, manufactured to complement the Fastrax GPS software. The new Fastrax module helps to provide a complete and cost effective software GPS solution to the market.

The new GPS software combination is unique. The Fastrax IT900 works to convert GPS RF signal into a digital IF (Intermediate Frequency) for processing by the software.

The software GPS is simple to port to additional CPU’s, specific application processors and operating systems, to enable a variety of platform choices for the end device manufacturers.

This software based approach will help to increase the adoption of GPS functionalities beyond the top end mobile phones and laptops. Target platforms include:

  • digital cameras,
  • mid-tier phones,
  • laptops, and
  • personal navigation devices.
This software based GPS solution has offers easy to adjust features and allows quicker cost efficient development and production times with less costs and easily adjustable features.

Unlike traditional GPS systems the Fastrax GPS solution does not require the integration of a hardware component, leading to more cost effective and simpler design.

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