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Rohde & Schwarz to display a range of products at electronica

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Wireless networks for the Internet via WiMAX, pocket mobile TV, or infotainment in the automotive sector: Applications are becoming increasingly more attractive for users, while manufacturers and network operators face ever more demanding challenges.

At this year's electronica, Rohde & Schwarz, the expert when it comes to wireless communications and digital TV, will showcase a wide range of spectrum analysis products, accurate signal generators and network analyzers, plus a complete T&M portfolio for HSDPA and HSUPA. UMTS long term evolution (LTE), the next generation in mobile radio, is already waiting in the wings, with Rohde & Schwarz again at the forefront of developments. The electronics company supports LXI, the standard for improved instrument networking in production, by offering a wide range of LXI-compatible instruments. Moreover, Europe's supplier of transmitters provides T&M solutions for DVB-H, which is just one of many examples, and monitoring systems for verifying reliable network operation.  
Cutting-edge technology with Rohde & Schwarz:
HSDPA, HSUPA and UMTS long term evolution

Network operators worldwide are currently upgrading their UMTS networks with high speed downlink packet access (HSDPA). From 2007, high speed uplink packet access (HSUPA) will improve the performance of data transmission from mobile phones to base stations. Rohde & Schwarz supports the introduction of HSDPA and HSUPA by providing a complete portfolio of T&M solutions, which allows chipsets, user equipment, base stations and networks to be thoroughly tested, before new functions are put into operation. But HSPA, as the common operation of HSDPA and HSUPA is referred to, is by no means the end of UMTS enhancement. The planning phase for UMTS LTE, the next generation of mobile radio networks, is underway. And Rohde & Schwarz is again a key player.

WiMAX certification: new R&S TS8970 test system

The WiMAX Forum has selected Rohde & Schwarz as one of the manufacturers of radio conformance test testers (RCTT) in compliance with the IEEE 802.16e‑2005 mobile WiMAX standard. Based on validated test cases, the R&S TS8970 test system serves as a reference solution for the certification of WiMAX end products. The R&S TS8970 is based on the concept of the market-leading R&S TS8950GW 2G/3G RF conformance test system. The R&S TS8970 is also suitable for R&D applications and precompliance testing. The Rohde & Schwarz WiMAX radio conformance test systems are implemented with WiMAX OFDM/OFDMA T&M equipment, including the signal generators of the R&S SMx family, R&S SMU200A, R&S SMATE200A and R&S SMJ100A, plus the R&S FSQ and R&S FSL signal analysers.

Enhanced frequency range: the R&S ZVA40 network analyser up to 40 GHz
The R&S ZVA40 from Rohde & Schwarz is a new high-end network analyzer with a frequency range from 10 MHz to 40 GHz. Featuring a worldwide unparalleled output power of typ. greater than 18 dBm, a dynamic range of typ. greater than 150 dB and high measurement speed of 3.5 µs per test point, the R&S ZVA40 is the ideal tool for comprehensive measurements in microwave applications. In R&D, this includes tests on filters, mixers and amplifiers, measurements on wavers for chip manufacturers, plus antenna measurements in radar/satellite applications.
All-in-one solution: the R&S FSUP combines a spectrum analyser of up to 50 GHz and a phase noise tester
With the R&S FSUP, Rohde & Schwarz offers for the first time, an instrument specially designed for characterizing RF signal sources and in particular for measuring phase noise. The R&S FSUP incorporates the company's many years of experience in developing high-quality spectrum analysers, and low-noise oscillators and synthesizers. It The R&S FSUP is the only instrument in the world that combines a spectrum analyser and a phase noise tester of up to 8 GHz, 26.5 GHz or 50 GHz. Users will profit from simpler and more flexible test setups at a considerably lower price.
Enhanced frequency range: the R&S SMA100A generates signals of up to 6 GHz
Rohde & Schwarz has expanded the frequency range of its analogue high-end R&S SMA100A vector signal generator. The instrument can now be used for applications of up to 3 GHz, and optionally 6 GHz, in labs, production and service. Equipped with the option R&S SMA-K25, the R&S SMA100A can even generate VOR/ILS signals for tests on radio navigation receivers. The signal generator offers signal quality, short setting times and a compact design.

EMI Test Receiver R&S ESU: fast and accurate interference measurements
The R&S ESU from Rohde & Schwarz is a new family of CISPR16-1-1-compliant EMI test receivers that meet all civil and military standards for electromagnetic interference measurements. A new FFT-based test method considerably speeds up measurements. The time-domain scan allows users to perform overview measurements of more than 100 times faster than with existing EMI test receivers. The instrument also features comprehensive test functions such as a complete set of parallel detectors including the new CISPR-RMS detector, RF scan, IF analysis and numerous report functions. The R&S ESU is available in three models with the frequency ranges 20 Hz to 8 GHz, 26.5 GHz and 40 GHz.

LXI-compatible: signal generation and spectrum analysis from Rohde & Schwarz
The high-end R&S SMU200A vector signal generator and the other members of the R&S SMx family, the R&S SMATE200A and the R&S SMJ100A, meet the Class C specifications defined by the standard. The signal generators are the second product group from Rohde & Schwarz to offer LXI compatibility. Also the R&S FSQ, R&S FSU, R&S FSP and R&S FSL spectrum analysers are Class C certified. The portable R&S FSL spectrum analyser and the R&S SMATE200A vector signal generator will be showcased at the LXI consortium's booth at electronica.

Broadcasting: monitoring highlights for reliable digital TV network operation
Rohde & Schwarz equips digital transmitter networks worldwide with TV and audio transmitters, and is the leading supplier in this field. By developing transmitters to meet the different standards and ranges, the company makes a key contribution to full-coverage digital TV transmission. In this field, the electronics specialist has a unique competitive edge with its many years of experience in mobile radio and expertise in broadcasting. This year, special focus will be placed on network monitoring to ensure reliable transmission operation. The extensive scope of products includes the R&S ETX-T monitoring receiver for single frequency network monitoring, the new R&S ETL TV analyzer platform as well as audio and TV transmitters for a wide range of standards and output power. New options complement the successfully established R&S DVM family, providing RF and IP interfaces.

ISDB-T coder rounds out the portfolio of digital TV standards for development and test platforms
The successful R&S SFU TV test platform from Rohde & Schwarz generates test signals for all important digital TV standards worldwide. Equipped with the new ISDB-T coder option, the R&S SFU is the only test transmitter to combine all major standards, DVB-H, T-DMB, ISDB-T, DMB-TH and MediaFLO, on a single platform. Scenarios with occupied adjacent channels can also be simulated. Another option provided by Rohde & Schwarz is used for testing digital short-wave transmission (digital radio mondiale).

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