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APPLIED Wave Research (AWR), represented by Rohde & Schwarz , has announced that it will offer open access of its proprietary Xmodels technology to third-party electromagnetic (EM) analysis software vendors who wish to integrate with AWR's Microwave Office circuit design software suite.

"While AWR continues to develop its own industry-leading EM solutions, we recognise that no single EM solver delivers the best solution for all applications," said James Spoto, AWR president and CEO.

"The decision to provide open access of our proprietary Xmodels to third-party vendors was made as part of AWR's commitment to open design platform concept and our leadership position in providing designers the flexibility to integrate tools of choice for a superior design methodology."

Sonnet Software is the first EM tool vendor to take advantage of AWR's latest move to improve open access to its software products.

"AWR and Sonnet participated in a panel discussion on the importance of EDA tool integration at the 2005 International Microwave Symposium last month," said James Rautio, president of Sonnet.

"Both companies were inspired to explore mutual opportunities to integrate the features of AWR's Microwave Office circuit design software and Sonnet's EM software and to demonstrate how easily two companies can work together in order to provide our customers with timely and superior solutions.

AWR's Xmodels is a group of discontinuity models that use the results of full-wave EM solutions of the parameterised discontinuity in order to estimate the electrical performance of the discontinuity.

These models are a result of ongoing internal research and development at AWR in order to provide designers with the most accurate discontinuity models at a computational speed adequate for tuning, optimisation, and yield analysis.

The AWR Xmodels have proven to be an efficient and reliable complement to full-wave EM simulation that not only enable the performance of various other important circuit analyses within Microwave Office software, but also offer significant improvements in the accuracy of circuit simulations.

As part of its ongoing commitment to providing customers with greater flexibility and choice in their design methodology, AWR has created the EM Socket open standard interface, which enables users to access a broad variety of EM tools from leading vendors, without leaving the Microwave Office design environment.

The EM Socket interface provides interoperability and ease-of-use, saving design time and increasing accuracy.

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